Donkey Talk

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was the first night in the village in the bush country of West Africa and I couldn’t sleep. It was extremely hot and the sounds of the village were like those of a stock yard in the middle of the state fairgrounds. But it was not the heat or the noise that was keeping me awake. It was the excitement of what had happened.

The Gospel had been preached for the first time in a village where they had never heard and nine men had given their lives to Christ. As I thought of the greatness of God who would let me be a part of that, it was too exciting to sleep.

In the distance a donkey brayed, and my mind wandered back to college days. In the shower one morning of a men’s dormitory, a friend said, “Brad, I guess if God could speak through Baalim’s donkey, He can even speak through you.” I smiled as I thought, “Yes indeed. God can even speak through an old donkey like me.”

It’s not our ability, someone has said, but our availability that counts. God works through surrendered vessels.


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