When Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to find food during a time of famine, it was quite a surprise to discover their younger brother Joseph as prime minister there. They had, after all, sold him into slavery. They were afraid. But Joseph said, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.” (Gen. 50:20)

I received a less than nice email yesterday from someone upset about changes that were being made at church. As a parting jab they said, “Our church will never be the same.” My immediate thought was, “Please God, I hope that is true. Let us never be the same again. Our community needs to hear the Gospel. Give us Your heart. Give us Your desire for this world.”

They intended it as a hurtful comment as they shared their longing for a past “good ol’ days” approach. But God means it for good. Let us never be the same. Let us grow and improve everyday.

One change I long for is that our congregation be “surprised by joy.”
The scripture says that in God’s Presence is the fullness of joy. Seems to me that means those who spend time with God are going to exhibit joy. Those who don’t live with joy in their lives, well, that speaks for itself.

Joy attracts others. Joy is contagious. “O God replace all complaining and criticizing with your joy.In Jesus’ name.”


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