I Am

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

When Moses drew aside to see the spectacle of a bush burning on the side of a hill without being consumed, he heard a voice, ‘Moses, put off your shoes, this is holy ground.” And as the conversation unfolded, the Lord instructed Moses to stand before Pharoah and charge him to free God’s people from slavery. Finally Moses asked, “Who do I say has sent me.”

And God answered with the Hebrew word “YHWH”. English translations have rendered it, “I am who I am,” or simply “I am.” It is the “eternal present tense.” Or as one southern preacher said, “The eternal ‘isness’ of God. I was is. I is is. I will be is.”

Implied is this. God says, “I am” and Moses “You are not.” There is one God. The only God. The true and living God. He is not what we decide to transform Him into in our minds. He is who He is. And He is eternally the same, yesterday, tomorrow, and forever.

We could not know Him if He chose not to reveal Himself. The miracle of Revelation is so incredible because through it we can know God. Ultimately, Hebrews 1:1ff tell us that Jesus Christ is God’s full and complete revelation. We can know the Father, only through the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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