When my children were little, a movie came out entitled, “All Dogs go to heaven.” If you listen to a lot of the popular theology or to Hollywood it seems everyone thinks all people go to heaven. EVen Rob Bell in a book entitled Love Wins suggests a universalism where eventually everyone makes it.

But Jesus presented a different picture. In Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells of a day of final judgment. He describes the “righteous” as sheep and the others as “goats.” He speaks of them being divided from one another.

The first time I went to West Africa, the man leading our team said, ‘Do you know how to tell sheep from goats?” I thought he was kidding. I thought surely it is obvious. But it wasn’t. They looked pretty much the same. But the goats’ tails and ears pointed p, and the sheep’s ears and tails hung down.

Jesus isn’t talking about farm animals. He is talking about people. And those who have discovered righteousness are brought into eternal reward in heaven, and those who haven’t are cast into eternal punishment in hell. It is truly the Great Divide. Are you a sheep, or a goat?


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