A Golden Calf, Leather Pigskins, and Child Exploitation

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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All of our nation has listened in a sense of shock for a week or more about the horrific situation at Penn State University. But we will get over it in a few days because that is what we do. We feel some emotions, talk about how bad it is, and then go on with life as usual.

Moses went up on a mountain to pray. As he received instructions from God for the people of God, the people grew listless and Aaron fashioned them a golden idol in the shape of a cow. Rather than worship a Creator God who delivered them from the hands of Pharoah, they bowed before an image of something God had made. And no one was responsible. Aaron said to Moses, “we threw the gold in the fire, and out came this calf.” (Exodus 32).

Today, from late August until the beginning of the new year we bow before a leather pigskin. Nothing is as important as football. Not even our children. And again, no one is responsible. Everyone will pass the blame, and high priced lawyers will alleviate any responsibility. We will even be enraged that an icon like Joe Paterno is implicated and mistreated. “What about his legacy? What about all the money he brought to the school?”

And are we any less to blame? We could begin with the fact that we have abdicated our parental responsibilities to television, facebook, and peer groups. We have turned our back as the “child sex slave traffic” has become the number three illegal activity in our world, behind drugs and illegal weapons. What about our children?
How long will we bow before idols of money, power, and sex? Maybe we don’t fashion golden calves? But we bow before the gods of pleasure and selfishness all the time.

What will we do about it?


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