Having said that, I realize that is tantamount to Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego saying, “It is only a statue.” Nebuchanezzar says, “If you don’t bow down to that statue, I will throw you into a fiery furnace.” Football in the south at least has taken on a status of religion. We love it. We love our team. We hate our rival.

Spurrier said, not he didn’t. Oh, it was Todd Ellis who said that Spurrier said. Dabo said, and yes he really did. Then Spurrier said. And Tiger fans said, and Gamecock fans said. Folks, my blood runneth orange. I love the Tigers, win, or lose. And I have no problem admitting it, the Gamecocks outplayed Clemson, and beat the stuffing out of them, and yes they have owned them for the last three years.

I remember a stretch when Clemson won four. But, let me say it again. It is a game of 18 to 21 year olds playing. It is exciting. It raises lots of money. It entertains. We cheer, we yell, we have fun. But,did I mention it is a game. What happened when Carolina played Auburn? Did Auburn get the Gamecocks best effort? Honest Carolina fans would say, no we didn’t have our best game. Did USC get Clemson’s best? Absolutely not, they played their best before the Georgia Tech game. What happened? Who knows? Who would have won if Clemson played their best, and if Marcus Lattimore had been in the game? Each side will argue differently.
But did I say it is just a game.

Why aren’t we that passionate about the fact that the human slave traffic in our world is at staggering proportions? Why don’t we do something about that? Why can’t we get passionate about doing something for the children that will starve to death today? How can we throw huge quantities away with no concern about our wastefulness? How can we give more to feed dogs and cats than children around the world? Why aren’t we passionate about the bloodshed in the drug wars and the war against terrorism to the degree we are about football?

Florida against Florida State; Texas against, well,the whole world; Auburn and Alabama, NC State and UNC; Virginia, and Virginia Tech; Oklahoma and OKlahoma State; Clemson and South Carolina. We love our team. We love our colors. We love our fan base. The other guys are mean and nasty. We say, “I wouldn’t go to that stadium, they are rednecks, they are ugly to their guests, they are…” I have heard it, and you have heard it. It is the same no matter where you go. There are some nasty Georgia fans, and Tennesse fans, and Carolina fans, and honestly, I have some nasty Clemson fans sitting near me at the games. Those guys give us all a bad name. But it is a football game. The winners can brag, and the losers can say, “Wait til next year.”


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