What do you mean?

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Recently I completed a research project in which a large group was surveyed. One relatively easy observation was that many people were using the same vocabulary, but not everyone had the same definition. Words don’t carry the same meaning to everyone.

What does it mean, for example to be a Christian? For some, it seems, it is simply a label that describes a mild intellectual assent to a code of ethics, or a body of beliefs. In that understanding, someone is born into a family that attends a church and therefore, like generations before them, they consider themselves to be Christian.

The Bible describes a whole different understanding, as I see it. A person consciously makes a choice to follow Jesus. Jesus described it to a man named Nicodemus as being born again. When a person turns away from their sin, they place faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of God regenerates them as a new person.

It is the idea of “following Jesus,” however, that I want to raise a question about. We are in an era of social media. Nearly everyone I know communicates by Facebook and Twitter. As challenged as I am by computers and this whole social technology, I am trying to keep up. On Twitter, I speak of following people. I have some who have chosen to “follow me”. I am obviously writing a blog, and if you see these words, you are reading my blog. A few have chosen to “follow me” on my blog.By the way, if it is a twitter account, why do we call it tweeting? Why don’t we twit on twitter? Or if we are really “tweeting”, then why isn’t it called “Tweeter.” And in the same way, how can it really be “Facebook”, because we aren’t face to face. Why isn’t it, “Computerbook,” or “Faceless book.” For that matter we don’t need a face, just a computer and a picture.

But that is radically different from what Jesus had in mind when he walked the earth and called people to “Follow Him.” Jesus said, “If anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and come after me.” That is radical. To be a follower of Jesus is to pledge absolute allegiance to Him. It is to choose to surrender one’s life to Him. It is a decision to give everything to Him. He becomes Lord of all, king in our life.

So, who are you following? I have hundreds on Twitter that I follow, which means I read what they write during the course of the day. I have a growing number of people who follow me on Twitter and on this blog. But our following here is nothing radical.

I have chosen first in my life to be a follower of Jesus Christ. That is radical. He is Lord and King. He has full ownership of me. What about you? WHo do you follow? And what do you mean by that? Just some random thoughts for you to consider as you begin your week.

  1. What about ChristUnleashed rather than BradUnleashed? Not being sarcastic but isn’t that the point?

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