Two Troubling Thoughts this Thinker Thought This Tuesday

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a thoughtful conversation that he and I had that time. He said that his had placed his trust in Christ and that he was a follower of Jesus. The problem was he had also said, “I know that the Bible says this. But I cannot do it. It is too hard.” I told him Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.” Then I asked, “What do you think that means?” As tears filled his eyes, he said, “I think that says if I am really one of his sheep, then I will do what he says to do.” I responded, “I think that you are right.” Then he said, “Pastor, that is too hard. I cannot do it.” I said, “Really? You cannot?” He confessed, “Well, I will not.”

Thought number one troubling me today. How many people sit in church week after week that think that things are right between them and God, but they are actually wrong? I don’t have anyone in mind, and I don’t have any number in mind? I just am troubled that the devil has fooled so many into an “easy believism” with no repentance and where Jesus is not Lord.

Thought number two that troubles me today. What if we spend all our time trying to convince religious people to trade their religion for Christ while there are thousands, maybe millions who are hungry for truth, but no one is telling them? Doesn’t every person deserve to hear the Good News of Great Joy that the angels announced to shepherds. A Savior has bene born, for all people.

  1. Delores says:

    I think that is food for thought! I would Pray that We all are reaching out and trying to teach God’s words, to all that don’t know Him.

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