Seances and Mediums in the Bible????

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Seances and Mediums in the Bible????.

  1. Cindy Remdond says:

    Mediums: Isaiah 8:19; 19:3; Jeremiah 27:9; Leviticus 19:31; 20:6; II Kings 23:24

    Unfortunately Biblos did not have anything for seances.

    I Samuel 28:8-25

    I do remember that Saul sought the witch of endor to summon Samuel to tell him of his future fate in his battle. Shows how you don’t always need to know your future! I bet Samuel was pretty ticked off having to leave paradise to tell Saul he’s gonna die by his own sword! I know I’d be less than happy to have to leave paradise, I’d probably go kicking and screaming. But since Christ had not conquered hell, death or the grave during his reign, he had to submit to satan and his demons. Or that’s what makes sense to me.

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