Seances and Mediums in the Bible????

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

He had to go to the town of Endor. That sounds kind of spooky doesn’t it? Endor! Saul had been selected as the first king of Israel. But he had failed miserably. The story of his failure is found in I Samuel 15. He had disobeyed God. And by the time we get to chapter 28, Saul is cowering with a great deal of fear because David is gaining favor and strength.

David had already been annointed as King. He had not yet been appointed as King. He had opportunities. Once while hiding in a cave with his men, Saul had come in for a “potty break”. But David had too much honor to kill him.
So David was waiting on God. But Saul was afraid.

God had forbidden all forms of consulting the dead, and all types of magic. Saul had even run all of the mediums out of the land, but now he wanted one. And his servants had found him a medium at Endor. Saul disguised himself and went in. He had the medium bring the prophet Samuel back from the place where he would ultimately wait for the resurrection.

Samuel reinforced what he had told Saul even before he had died. God had taken the kingdom from him and given it to David. And once again he reminds him of why. Saul had not obeyed God. Saul wanted to Samuel to give him some helpful advice. But Samuel pointed out that no one could help him because God had become his enemy.

How is it with you and God? Have you been obedient? Partial obedience is the same thing as disobedience. This story in I Samuel 28 does not condone consulting a medium In fact, God’s word is clear that we are not to do that. We are not to participate in any occultic practices. There is a resurgence of interest in that today. But God’s Word warns of the dangers of opening the doors to the satanic world.


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