tweetin’ and textin’ and lol

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Driving around town with a group of teens in the vehicle used to be noisy. Now you can ride for miles and miles without a sound, until they all simultaneously burst out laughing. It is not that they aren’t talking, they are texting. And I keep up with my closest friends by following what they have tweeted on twitter.

I notice that even families are communicating by facebook. Connected by their iphones, and smartphones of all kinds, mom can write, “What do you want for supper?” And suggestions come back by facebook. So I can tune in and figure out who I want to go drop in on and eat supper with. LOL.

“Ily” is my closing to my kids on text, to which they respond ly2. And then it is ttyl. Beyond those basics, I am absolutely lost. No wonder my friend from Nigeria says, “Pastor Brad, life in the U.S. is not for the faint of heart.”

So when did we lose the connection of face to face conversation, handshakes, hugs, and close fellowship in the American church? We drive home from work, hit the remote on our garage door opener and go inside our fortress, insulated from the world. And heaven forbid that someone see us stop at the mailbox and want to talk. We are the isolated generation.

But in the Bible they met from house to house. They ate meals together. They learned to live in community. Maybe that is why we love going to West Africa so much. Relationships matter. Meals are eaten together out of a common bowl. Connections are important.

Who are you following? We follow thousands and we are followed by thousands, on twitter and blogsites. And I have nearly 1000 friends, some of whom I have never met, on Facebook. What does it mean to be a friend? It means I know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows you. It means I can “like” something on FB or comment on it, or even share it. Little pithy sayings become our philosophies of life.

What happened to talking, and touching, and actually knowing someone? What is next?


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