a real Matrix

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The main character in the movie, The Matrix, is a young computer genius and technology pirate named Neo. He comes to realize that there is something wrong with the world. The legendary Morpheus has the answers that so many are seeking, and Neo has the opportunity to know the truth. When Neo chooses to know the truth, it opens up a whole new world to him. While there are multitudes of differences between the storyline of The Matrix and Christian worldview, there are a few similarities.

Something is obviously very wrong with the world around us. It is not as it should be. Brother turns against brother, sister against sister, nation against nation. A small percentage of the world’s population horded the majority of the world’s resources. What we fail to see is the spiritual battle that is taking place around us. It is another dimension and we miss it, until we know the truth.

God created all that exists and gave mankind an opportunity to live in a Paradise relationship to him. But through our ancestry we chose sin and death. Now God is at work to restore creation to Himself, and there is a spiritual battle.
It is much like when David was annointed King of Israel. Saul was the reigning king, but David was annointed as his replacement long before he was actually appointed to reign. During the interim time he gathered followers and supporters.

In much the same way, Jesus Christ is annointed king of kings, and Lord of Lords. He will one day be appointed to reign in the new earth and the new heaven, but in the meantime is gathering followers. In a real sense there is a spiritual cosmic battle taking place for the souls of men. It is the real matrix.


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