Tuned out, Turned Off, thorough thoughtlessness on Tuesday?

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So where are all the tweeters and blog chasers on this tuesday. Have you tuned out and gone shopping? Have you turned off the computers and decided to read a book? Or did the brain go silent for some restful relaxation? I only ask because the activity on the blog site is slow today.

So maybe it is Christmas shopping. Or maybe, just maybe, someone had to work today. Well, let me throw a thought out. Christmas is a promise that “God is for you.” We tend to think that God is for those who are good, and for those who are religious. But the truth is, God was for us while we were running away from Him. That is the message of Christmas. That in spite of what we deserve, God gave His only Son. Born in a cow’s eating trough in the small humble village of Bethlehem.

The angels visited shepherds. The most humble of people, the outcasts, the suspicious of that day. And announced to them “Good News of Great Joy”. The message is simple. The all powerful God who created the universe if for you. You don’t have to deserve it or earn it. God loves us because He is good and it is His nature to love, not because we are good and deserve it, because we don’t.

That is the message. And if we ever comprehend that, we can hear the message of the angels, “Do not be afraid.” Becuase if we believe that God is for us, that faith informs our fear and leads us to act differently and to live differently. It opens a world of joy and hope, and peace. So tune back in, turn your brain on, be thoughtful this Tuesday and hear that message from the Christmas story. God loves You. God is for You. O Come Let Us Adore Him.


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