Where Is God when I need Him?

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Have you even asked that question? What did you conclude? Maybe you decided that God was against you. Or, that He just didn’t care. Or maybe you thought, I am getting what I deserve. I must have done something to deserve this.

Imagine Joseph, the man betrothed to Mary n the Christmas story. Betrothal was more formal than our engagement. It was as legally binding as marriage itself, but the couple waited a year before being together. He discovers his bride to be is pregnant, and not with his child. He must be thinking, surely, God is not for me. This is not the way I planned my life working out.

But an angel comes to him with a message in a dream. And essentially that essage says, “Jospeh, if you can believe, if you will believe, if you will let faith inform your fear, God will change your life.”

The message of Christmas is to everyone, “God is for you.” He sent His only begotten Son for you at Christmas. He gave the most valuable of gifts. He attached His name to those of faith. If you will believe, if you can believe that “God is for you”, then God will transform your fear in faith so that you have peace.

Too often we think that following Christ promises a problem free life. Jesus did nto promise a problem free life, but a peace filled life. Will you believe today that God is for you. Even in the midst of the storms of your life? Will you pray through in faith until God gives you peace? Merry Christmas.


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