Unleashed in 2012

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

He spoke to big crowds. But He spent most of His time in small groups. He chose 12, and not all of them were treated the same. Three received His utmost attention. When He left, it was a group of 120 that comprised the ten day prayer meeting in an upper room. But then Pentecost came.

And when the Holy Spirit fell on that band of praying Christians, the Gospel was unleashed on the world as the Holy Spirit was unleashed in the Church. Three thousand were added to the church that day. What a follow-up and discipleship nightmare that suddenly created. So they gathered from house to house DAILY to disciple one another.Just a few days later, 5000 men, plus women and children were added. The church exploded in multiplication.

Is God the same today? Can He still multiply His church? What would happen if the Church were unleashed? I envision a church built on disciplelship with every believer a witness. To quote John Lennon, “You may same, I’m a dreamer.” But I ask you, why not? Why should the church creep along in America when it is exploding all around the world? Do we want to continue to fill up buildings, or sparsely gather in buildings, whichever is the case, with people who either don’t know the Lord or who never grow to Christian maturity? Really?

Why not something brand new and different in 2011. Why not take the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) seriously and let’s make disciples. Why not believe God for multiplication? Why not Unleashed the Church to be what God intended.

And mathematically, sometimes Church Multiplication may mean an equation that involves subtraction first.
SO, original group minus the unwilling plus the Holy Spirt times discipleship equals multiplication of the church.


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