Pssst! Don’t Look now, But your Christianity is not working.

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

People in America have looked at the Christian church and they see little difference between people who claim to follow Christ and themselves. In fact, many have said, “If you have it, I don’t want it.” And honestly, based on the average church goer, it is hard to blame them.

Jesus once said, “These people give lip service to me, but their hearts are far from me.” That is a pretty good description of the average person claiming to know Christ. So where is the power that the Bible promises? Where is the transformation of life? Where is the joy and the peace? Why is it that so many people in church are just plain mean?

Satan is a great deceiver. If he can substitute a religious “churchianity” for the reality of a living relationship with God, then pretty soon the church will be dead. Read the statistics from the Barna organization as they survey folks in church.One study has indicated that 51 % or more of pastors in churches don’t even have a Biblical world view.

There is a reality to Christianity. The Bible promises that anyone who is truly in Christ is changed and is a new person. (2 Cor. 5:17).
There are pockets of this reality spreading across America today. At Church Unleashed @ Beulah we are seeking to be a part of that reality. We have called on people to know Christ, and to partner together to reach the community and world around us. We are just beginning a new journey. Some don’t understand it. Some even oppose it. BUt the heart and soul of church is alive and well and 2012 will demonstrate a fresh move of God. Watch and see.


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