101 Poodles is Exactly 101 too many.

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite movies as a small child was “101 Dalmations”, although mind you it was a cartoon when I saw it. I would never have gone to sleep had it been the movie version with Glenn Close playing the Evil whatever her name was. Now a dalmation, that is almost a real dog. Real dogs are German Shepherds, Collies, Great Danes, Labs, . . . manly dogs. Not poodles, or cock-a-poos. What is that anyway? Sounds like a chicken went number two or seomthing.

I know that I am in danger of making someone mad, so let me go on record, cats are even worse. Cats, are you kidding me. Why do you want something like that prancing around your house acting superior to you?

Kidding aside, what is the big deal about training dogs for show? Show them what to do, give them a treat, and they will do it again. Satan has been doing that to people for centuries. Training a dog, or a lion, or a horse. Not such a big deal. Let me give you a challenge. Train people to behave. Teach Christians to act loving to one another. Teach church folks to live like Jesus makes a difference. Now, that seems to me to be a bigger challenge.

I am mostly playing with the dog and cat thing. I am sure poodles are wonderful pets. Cats, not so much, but someone must love them. But no kidding about people. It begins with a surrender of the will to Jesus, not a resolution one more year to do better. Have a blessed 2012.

  1. Ann Addison says:

    Poodles are hunting dogs. They are water retrievers. They are of German decent. The word Pudel in German means water dog.
    You can get hunting titles on poodles. Many times they are better than the other gun dogs even though the people get teased when they show up to hunt with a poodle. They don’t get teased when they leave with the prizes.
    Many of my friends hunt ducks with their poodle. It’s not my thing to hunt ducks.
    FYI. training a dog to show in conformation should not be hard. Conformation is a test to see how close to the standard the dog is. All dogs have a standard. If you compared a back yard bred poodle to my poodles, you could see the differences.
    I do understand your point in the blog…. just giving you more information.

  2. Maybe if people didn’t give poodles a “sissy” haircut and let the hair grow where God put it I might have a different point of view. LOL. Just kidding.

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