Shepherds lead, they don’t drive their sheep.

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

A visit to an eastern culture that still lives in what seems to be an earlier century in history reveals some interesting truths about life. Often shepherds will lead their sheep to a watering hole where there are many other shepherds and multitudes of other sheep. What is most amazing is that when one of the shepherds begins to leave, he can whistle or call, and his particular sheep will follow him away.

Jesus said something about this in John 10. He describes himself as a “Good shepherd” and contrasts that with a hireling. A “Good shepherd” will risk his life for his sheep. But here is what I want you to hear that Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.” Sheep are not the smartests animals on the planet. Without a shepherd they will wander off from food and starve to death. They will follow another sheep into danger.

But sheep know their shepherd, when the shepherd feeds and waters them, and risks his life to protect them from wild animals and other dangers. This year, 2012, we are going to be cultivating “shepherds” at Church Unleashed @ Beulah. God has called us to “Make disciples.” That means that every Christian is to be a disciple, and every disciple is to make other disciples. Recently, an 82 year old man said to me, “I agree, but pastor, I need to be discipled.” So we will disciple shepherds, to disciple others.

When you come to Christ, it is the beginning of the “race” not the finish. WHen you say “Yes, to Jesus”, you become an enemy to satan and he will unleash all his resources to discourage and destroy you. That is why the Church matters so much. We must cultivate relationships that equip people to live a victorious Christian life. If you live in SOutheast Richland County, SC, come be a part of what God is doing at Church Unleashed. If you live somewhere else, find a church that believes in discipleship. God bless you. Have a fruitful 2012.


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