What If You Didn’t Recognize Your Bride at the Wedding Reception?

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What if the big day arrived? What if all the guests were gathered? What if on that occaision you walked into the wedding feast and you couldn’t even recognize the one you were wed to? I cannot help but wonder if Jesus will recognize His bride, or at least the American version of her.

Jesus told Simon, “on this rock, I will build My Church.” When Paul was persecuting the early church, he received authorization from the Sanhedrin to arrest the members of this new cult “The Way.” But what if the church were so foreign to the plan that Jesus had, that when a church attempted to be like the scripture calls it to be, people called it a “cult”.

How much of what we do in our churches in American culture is based on tradition, and not on the Bible? How much is downright idolatry, as people sit around saying things like, “The way I figure it, or the way I see it is.” Sometimes folks will say, “My Bible says.” Is their Bible different? Does God give different peope different Bibles?

Getting back to what Jesus said. He promised that the very gates of hell could not stand against the church. So it seems if a church is a “Jesus Church” it is carrying the battle to the enemy, and it is winning. If a church is not doing that, maybe it is just a pretender.

Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you to be fishers of men.” Real disciples are people who have adopted the mission of Christ. They are in the people business, like Jesus was. And yet only 2% if the churches in America are growing by conversion, that is by reaching people and leading them to faith in Christ.

Is it possible that the American Church, by and large, is almost unrecognizable by the blueprint of the Bible? Think about it.


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