Do Over

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you ever wished your life could be a “do over”? Kind of like a “mulligan” in golf? I am not much of a golfer, but I always enjoyed playing in “Captain’s choice” tournaments. The team plays the best shot of their foursome. And often you can buy mulligans, which means you get to re-hit your drive off the tee box. What if we could have “mulligans” in life, or “do-overs”.

I look back now over 60 years, and 24 years of ministry that I managed to squeeze into 37 years, and wonder what would I do differently if I could have a “do-over.” What would you do differently?I have discovered that God always does what He says He will do. So I guess the first thing I would do differently is learn to trust the Word of God, sooner. And I would study the “ways of God” more carefully. The psalmist prayed, “Make me to know your ways, O Lord . . .(Ps. 25:4).Anyone can observe the works of God, but if we know the “ways of God” imagine the insights for life we would have.

Personally, “discernment” has not been one of my spiritual gifts. My wife has a great deal of discernment. Some of the men who are leaders in our church have a greater deal of discernment than I do. I would listen to them more carefully in discerning the character of people that are placed in roles of great responsibility. That might save some heart-ache and pain for many who follow.

Another thing I believe I would do differently is confront the hard issues and problems that arise day by day more quickly. Sometimes I have allowed issues to continue in church life that would be more easily resolved in their infancy. I fear I bought into the philosophy that love is “nice” all the time. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is confront issues in their infancy.

I don’t know that what I have rambled about in this blog makes any sense to anyone else, but it has served as a cathartic release for me. Have a blessed day.

  1. Delores says:

    I to would listen to God sooner in Life, and follow Him. I would not be so quick to accept things I accepted and not try to put a stop to it sooner. I would insist on Honesty and stop just accepting whatever life deals Me, with all that being said, it’s not to late to change. I am trying to put My Life and those around Me in God’s Hands, and let Him help Me in doing this, I am learning not to try to do it alone but allow God to do it in His time.

  2. Rapture says:

    Rambling is a very good thing to do sometimes!!! I often write in my journal and just ramble and it helps me to sort through my thoughts. I remember feeling as if I were just this leaf floating around on the water. I saw that I had no control over which direction I went or the speed at which I traveled. This for me because a useful analogy when I would feel small and insignificant. Does that sound contradictory?

    The strength that I derived from this analogy was not that I recognized that I was just a leaf. It was in knowing that there was and is a higher power out there that controls that current.Yes that means God! There is no weakness in character or neuroses about accepting that one is powerless to control things that they simply cannot. If anything it is a release of a type. I no longer worry about where I am heading or when I will get there, and instead have learned to enjoy life’s ride when it is good, to enjoy the scenery and absorb each lesson that I learn on the way. I have learned to hold on tight through the storms and to know that they will eventually pass, and that good days will come again.

    Life, like everything else that God created is a cycle. Our society in general seem so preoccupied with the instant gratification and the here and now that no one knows how to cope with the very natural rhythms of this cycle. We need to see life as it is, not as we would like for it to be. It is a miraculous journey with deep meaning.

    What would I change or do differently if I could? Embrace every single experience, and know that I was blessed to have gone through them all, instead of all of that wasted worrying!

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