Let’s Do the Holy Pokie

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

If I might digress a few years, when I was at the first church I served as a pastor, I learned a new dance called the “Holy Pokie”. It seems every church of our denomination in the area was having some issue or battle, almost constantly. The result was a constant rotation of “church membership”.I remember one man that came to us after being in almost every other church in the community. Of course, he lasted in our congregation about 2 years, and then moved on again. We have produced a generation of “Church Consumerists”. Like restaurants, gymns, and any other consummable we have a habit of looking for a church that meets “MY NEEDS”, or that “I FEEL COMFORTABLE IN”, or my favorite, “WHERE I CAN BE FED.”

Now, listen, I don’t have any person in mind as I write this. Any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental. This is an issue that has germinated in my heart for years. It is being voiced by so many authors today. So if this strikes a nerve, get before God and pray about it. See if it has any validity and if there is anything in your heart you need to let God adjust. If not, praise the Lord either way. There are legitimate reasons to move your church relationship some where else. But too often we are too quick to be noncommittal.

Oh, (remember the tune, the Hokie Pokie, same tune.)
“You put half your heart in, take half your heart out,
put half your will in, and take it back out,
You do the Holy Pokie, move your membership around,
That’s what its all about.”



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