Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a picture Imageof the local cellular provider in  F-village. Up until now we stepped out of the 21st century into what could only be described as a 1st century setting. They live in mud huts with thatched rooves. They have no running water, but draw from a well. They have no electricity or sewage system. They cook over open fires of charcoal.

And yet now there are two, not one, but two cell phone towers in the village. More than ever before we are connecting with all the world. Still, there are 3600 plus people groups that have no access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is almost unthinkable. Consider the vast numbers of churches in America. Take the denomination I am affiliated with. We have over 42,000 churches and claim more than 17 million members. What would happen if we tithed our membership for mission work? Can you imagine?

Do we care? Dare we believe that God might use us to impact a world hungry for truth? Will you make a difference? And truthfully, we can find people who do not know the God story right here in our own backyards. What will you do? What will I do? I am afraid that while our cell phone towers many we have many “bars” over service all across our land, and even around the world, most still cannot hear us when it comes to telling God’s Story.


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