Unleashed! The Lid is off the Box…

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

There were 120 of them. They had gathered for the last ten days to pray, and then it happened. God’s Spirit who had been with them, suddenly indwellt them and filled them at the same time. When they were filled, they could not help themselves. They spilled out into the streets of town dancing and rejoicing and speaking languages they had never learned. Boldly they shared the Gospel and by the end of the day at least 3000 other people had become followers of Christ.

Have you ever wondered what they were praying? I am pretty sure that they were not praying for the Holy Spirit to come. Jesus had already promised He was coming. That was going to happen. But Jesus had said in Acts 1:8 that when the Spirit filled them, they would receive power and they would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. I suspect they were praying that God would get them ready. Cleanse their hearts and hands of sin. Grant them courage and boldness. Give them wisdom. Maybe they were praying as Jesus prayed for unity in the body.

In any event, when we don’t try and squeeze God into our little boxes; when we allow God to be God, and we don’t get in His way; when we make ourselves vessels that are available to do whatever He wants; crazy things happen. Instead of begging someone to be saved, they come in multitudes. All in God’s time. All on God’s schedule. Stories from around the world reflect this. In multitudes of places the Spirit of God is coming in fresh power on His witnesses, and multitudes are being saved. O God, let it happen among all peoples.


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