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Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Essentially, to go viral means that a message on the internet has such appeal that others want to forward it to everyone. What makes something go viral? What is it that makes something so interesting that people are fascinated and want everyone to know about it?

If I discovered a hidden fountain of youth that by drinking to give you everlasting youth, and I posted that on the internet, and it was indeed verifiable, do you think everyone would want to know where it is? What if I discovered some herb growing in the bush country of West Africa that would cure every form of cancer, do you think that news would go viral?

What if I discovered a secret source of wealth guaranteed to provide everyone more money than they could ever use?

So if there is a spiritual cancer guaranteed to destroy our lives, wouldn’t people want to know that? And if there was an absolute cure guaranteed to produce never ending life, wouldn’t that be Good News? Wouldn’t it automatically go viral? So some guys named Matt, and Mark, John, and a doctor named Luke, they all had blogs in the first century. Their message has been the all time best seller.

Ironically, however, there are more than 11,000 identified ethnic groups of people in our world. And there are more than 3600 of those people groups that have never heard that message of Good News. So how do we make it go viral? Any ideas?


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