Daddy’s Girl

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did her day start like any other day? Had she grown used to making the trip outside the village to the well in the middle of the day alone? Was she weary this day? I wonder if the man she was living with brought her joy, or was it another disappointment?

Did her father hold her in his arms when she was born and smile as he dreamed of the best for her in the years to come? Did her daddy take pride when he sat with the men of the village and she brought them refreshing water to drink? Did he smile and declare, “That’s Daddy’s girl?”

I remember the birth of each of my girls. I remember the moments that I thought with each, “She is growing up too fast.” I remember the prayers I offerred for each of them, and the dreams and hopes that I had. Surely this woman’s father beamed with pride at her first wedding. How did he feel at the second? Then came the third, and then the fourth, and then the fifth. Was he still alive now that she was living with a man she had not married?

Was there some disappointing failure that led her to this constant shuffle from one man to another to discover happiness?And this morning, did it begin with hope? She would meet a man on this day that would finally fulfill your hopes and dreams. He wouldn’t be like any other man. The hope He would bring would not be through a physical relationship. The joy He would provide wouldn’t come through another marriage.

She came out to the well in the heat of the day. There was a man sitting beside the age old well that her ancient ancestor Jacob had provided. Quite unlike what she expected, this man spoke tenderly and said, “Can you give me a drink?” Why does he speak to me? He is Jewish, and I am one of the hated Samaritans. Others are always avoiding me.”Sir,” she would say, “how is it that you, a Jew, speak to me a Samaritan?”

Jesus then tells her of “living water.” In the conversation that would ensue, Jesus offers to her forgiveness of her sins and life eternal. He reminds her ultimately that she is “Daddy’s girl.” But this time it is a heavenly Father that would leave no emptiness in her life. This time it would be a love that fulfilled the deepest longings of her heart.

She had said to Jesus, “The well is deep.” All of us come to some source of hope, some “well” from which to draw what we believe will be the water of life to us. How deep is your well? No matter, Jesus can provide the water of life to you. He is living water to your soul. He doesn’t need a long rope, or a bucket. Read the story in John’s gospel, chapter 4.


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