Help, I am not a farmer.

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hunger is an unbelievable horror to see. The movie industry is fixing to make billions on the release of the “Hunger Games”, but in reality hunger is not a game. For me it is hard to imagine the millions that go to bed every night hungry. Some are here in the city where I live, and most are scattered around the majority world.

I have spent time off and on in a village of West Africa for the last five years. There is a chronic hunger problemm. Each year the “rainy season” is shorter and the harvest is smaller. Their harves is around November, and for the last five years they have run out of food in advance.

In partnership with Baptist Global Relief and a few other churches we began a farming project in a village of 3000 in Malie. It is focused around “well water.” Old habits die hard, and new methods are only slowly embraced in this culture. Americans often do not understand the difficulties of contrasting world views. Needless to say, we are making progress.

Unfortunately, we made a tactical error. We put in a diesel motor to pump water from the well. There are lots of reasons why we did it that way, but rather than waste time, let me just say it was a technological miscalculation for the culture. We have a solution. It is traditional wells scattered throughout the garden plot so that each villager can draw water for the small area. They cost about $1200 each, and we need about 6 of them.

Baptist Global relief is busy with a massive famine across the width of Africa. Their resources are rapidly being depleted and they have no more to allocate for our project. We are lmited as a small church with funds. BUT, God has no limits.

Some of you reading this blog may want to be a part of this effort. Your prayers would certainly be appreciated. If you want to help finance the digging of a well it is real simple. Go to our website, When you get there, click on teh menu bar that says giving. There is a paypal account that you can give through. Just note that it is a gift for wells in West Africa. Thanks for your prayerful support.


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