Memories Out of Mali

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When I read the email from Bamako, I sat stunned for what seemed like hours. Something I knew could happen, but prayed wouldn’t had indeed. In that frozen moment of time hundreds of memories raced through my head. Had it really been five years since my first night in F-village?

When I was there in early February this year, I told the believers in our village that the day may soon come when we could not get to them. Either because of the economy, or more likely the unrest in the country. I challenged them to continue to take ownership of the responsibility of sharing the Word of God with their family, and with the neighboring villages. Was that my last trip? I certainly hope not.

I have spoken to one of the Malians who has been a translator and friend today to discover that he is doing fine, but staying inside. I have received emails from two missionaries that we have worked with, and they report the same. They tell me the church from Arkansas remains in the bush and remains optimistic. A college student said, “The best spring break ever.”

I have said more here than I intended in this post. I wanted to share a couple pictures of faces from Mali.

  1. Paul says:

    I feel so extremely blessed to have been a part in what God is doing in Mali. God will surely see it to completion. Thanks for sharing Brad 😉

  2. praying for those in Mali and the team from Arkansas

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