More Musings because of Mali

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I was going to change the subject. Seriously, I was planning to write a blog this morning on “Vampire Whisperers”. Not the kind of vampires that bite people’s neck and suck blood. But the vampires that continually suck the life out of you each day. That will have to wait.

I stopped at the gas pump yesterday and spent $3.64 for a gallon. I keep hearing so much about the U.S. having these huge reserves of oil, more than enough to supply energy for the next 2000 years, and I wonder what is going on. Why do we allow ourselves to be dependent on others for our energy supply? But this morning I received an update by email from a friend in Bamako, Mali. A Malian friend had ventured out and come for a visit. My friend was told that diesel fuel is selling right now for the equivalent of $25.00 a gallon. (Their currency is cfa and they buy by the liter.) She went on to tell about sending a Malian to the grocery store and the guilt she felt in risking their safety to protect her own. But one thing about us “white folks”. We tend to stand out from the crowd a little in West Africa, and would be more obvious moving about.

A church group from Arkansas that was supposed to fly out this past Thursday has remained in the bush country in a small village, but are anticipating a trip back into the city shortly. Some with that group are on their first journey into the country. It would be interesting to hear their thoughts when they return home.

So what if something like that happened here, some basic shut down in our government structure as we have known it. We live every day as though the next one will be the same as the ones before. My friends in Bamako tell me they keep an extra supply of drinkable water and basic food items in stock at all times for such an occasion as this. But would we be prepared? What kind of panic would seize our communities? How would we respond?

Our world is a very different world than when I was a small child. When I was in elementary school, we pulled up to the gas pump with open windows because cars weren’t air conditioned. Gas was about 33 cents a gallon, and the store owner pumped the gas for you, washed your windshield, and checked your oil level. We roamed the neighborhoods playing with our friends without fear of some car driving up and grabbing someone.

So what lies ahead for our world? I am not a prophet, and as a friend has said, neither am I a son of a prophet. But I cannot help but wonder if we are living out the days just before the return of Christ. I know we are closer than ever before. That is true no matter how long He delays. But the weather is out of whack. Wars and rumors of wars seem to be escalating. Physical disasters seem to abound. Wow, this has become heavier than I thought as I began. What I believe is that in the end, God wins. Are you ready?

  1. Ok, so my source in Mali said that the early morning calculations of fuel prices was wrong. It is actually more like $12.00 a gallon, bad enough. The bigger problem is it is becoming scarce to find.

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