Stuck in Mali

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

So how do you feel when you are a volunteer team working in a mission capacity in a an international country and a military coup takes place? A volunteer team flew into Mali to engage a village in the bush. When they arrived, Mali was a democracy. Then a military coup. So what goes through your mind?

Well, you will have to ask them, because I haven’t experienced that. I do tell all of our volunteers that go with us they have to be prepared to give all, including their lives. The scripture is full of examples. John the Baptist is one.

My first thoughts would likely be for my family. I would be concerned that my wife and daughter still at home would be at peace, and if the worst happened, did I live them financially secure? Did I tell my wife and all five girls often enough how much I loved them and how blessed I was for them to be in my life? Had I been the grandaddy that my grandchildren loved to be around? Had I thanked my Mom for loving me so faithfully and for her encouragement?

What legacy would I leave the church? Had I done all God had asked of me? How long would they pray, and wait? Had I communicated a vision to fulfill th Great Commission?

Would I be at peace in that storm? Would I glorify God in every way?
Honestly, I believe God gives grace as we need it, and so I don’t think we can know how we would feel?

Today I heard the group from Arkansas made it back to Bamako. Their earliest possible departure is not until Thursday. I would rather be stuck in the village, but concerns were whether transportation and fuel would remain available. Now the test is “enjoying the close communion of the guest house for several days.”


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