Whatever Happened to the English Language?

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I came to my blog site intending to write a blog this morning that played off the title of the movie, “The Hunger Games.” I was going to write about the disciples of Jesus undue concern about the amount of bread they had brought along for a particular journey. Jesus had responded with a reminder of how he had always provided enough.

I have been trying to increase the number of people that read the blog, and one of the suggestions of the blog site is to read other people’s blogs and comment on them. So I set out to do that, and I starting reading a review of
“the Hunger Games” by another writer. And the descriptions were, non descriptive as they gave way to the use of profance vocabulary. Fo example, to describe a particular actor’s role, the blogger said, “she rocked the s – – t out of it.” So exactly what does that mean?

I was always fascinated that there are some words in a language that have multiple meanings, such “aloha” in Hawaii. I understand it can mean several different things. Wikipedia says that it means “affection, peace, compassion, and mercy,” but has also become an english greeting.

Where we used to have adjectives and adverbs that described something in English, however, it seems to be giving way to the use of profane words, usually in four letters. So to understand whether the use of the word is good or bad you have to understand the context. Was this blogger’s description of the role of the actress that they did a particularly good job in the role, or a particularly bad. I took it to be good in this case.

But my question is why? Is it because we are becoming functionally illiterate and don’t know descriptive words and how to use them? Are we just lazy? Or is there some value we assign to shock value and talking nasty? Honestly, to me it makes no sense.

Jesus said it is not what goes into our body that defiles us but what comes out of our mouths, because he said, what comes out of our mouths comes from what it is our hearts. So is everyone’s heart so polluted that they have to talk with what we used to teach our children was a “potty mouth?”

  1. Paul says:

    Quote “So is everyone’s heart so polluted that they have to talk with what we used to teach our children was a “potty mouth?”

    Therein lies the problem, many young people of today were never raised with proper guidance. Their parents use the very same vulgar language, as well as many of their friends. To many of them, they are not using this type of language with malice so they feel that their is nothing wrong with it and become offended when someone tries to correct them, even when being corrected in love. It’s a difficult problem to solve. The most effective way to overcome such a problem is to change their heart. The best way to change their heart is for them to surrender in a relationship with Jesus. We can model proper behavior but it becomes alot harder motivate proper behavior.

    “With God ALL things are possible”

  2. Rapture says:

    I used to feel the same way about the english language dissintegrating. Most people that I know just don’t seem to love vocabulary like I do, and couldn’t be bothered with taking the time to actually think before just blurting out a few words. I think people are just very desensitized as far as the 4 letter words go, and they have become so common that most people don’t even pay it any mind. I am far more concerned with hurtful or judgemental words coming out of someones mouth than I am the profanity( with the exception of any that use the Lords name in them) I have even been known to call someone out in front of others and say ” Hey, there are so many other words you could have said that don’t use the Lords name in them, and that offended me!

  3. TopEagle says:

    Brad, this is also one of my “pet peeves.” I rant about it often. Text messaging and email “short-cuts” have contributed to some of this, but I think you identified the real problem – laziness. Some people are too lazy to think for themselves, so they revert to the common expressions of the day. I believe that while some of them are intentionally profane, the vast majority are simply parroting what they hear in everyday life.

    It is sad, and perhaps a sign of the end-times.

    Your call to righteousness is on target and needs to be broadcasted far and wide!

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