When You Are Up to Your Donkey in Crocodiles

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Honestly, I wanted to entitle this post, “When you are up to your armpits in crocodiles, it is hard to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp.” But that is too long. And if I had said “armpits” instead of “donkey” it would have still been too long. I thought about shortening it by abbreviating armpits with a _ s but was afraid you might assume the worst.

The point is, Jesus has called us to make disciples. That is our objective. But we are surrounded by crocodiles that demand our attention. Actually, I thought it might even be more appropriate to have said surrounded by “snakes”. I remember a preacher one time talking about two little boys who wanted to have a “fish fry” for their friends before school started back. On the chosen day, the friends gathered and mom had prepared all the side dishes, and the boys returned home empty handed. When asked why they had failed to catch fish, the boys said, “We spent the day throwing rocks at snakes.”

How often do we spend our day throwing rocks at snakes instead of fishing? God reminded me this morning during my prayer time of one really simple thought. “Don’t doubt in the darkness, what God has revealed to you in the light.” I have to admit I have encountered some dark days recently. All of them because I am seeking to follow the vision that God has given. Many have seemed like snakes at times snapping at the objectives with fangs that are at times frightening. But God reminded me of the objective, “Go fishing. Make disciples.”

So what about you today? Are you busy fighting off crocodiles and snakes, so that you have forgotten the objective was to drain the swamp. If you drain the swamp, the crocodiles have to go somewhere else.

(By the way, the picture at the top left was taken in the village where the church from Arkansas was stranded during the recent military coup. This is not them, but this group is in front of the house there.)


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