Excuses for Not catching any fish

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I saw this list of excuses people have given for not catching fish (real fish).

From the web site: http://www.superiorfishing.net/main/excuses.htm

· Currents too strong
· Barometer rising
· Wind “clocking” around
· East wind
· Barometer falling.
· Too calm
· Fish shut down just before we started
· The lake needs a good storm to stir them up.
· Fish are not here (or they’d be hitting)
· No currents
· Foggy
· Sunny
· Too windy to control boat
· Wrong moon phase
· Fish facing wrong way
· Trolling wrong directions
· Too many bait fish
· Not enough bait fish
· Didn’t have right lure action
· Didn’t have right lure color
· Single hooks
· Treble hooks
· Didn’t have enough time
· Water too rough
· South wind
· Gear not working properly
· Partner not fishing seriously·
Trolling motor troubles
· Cloudy
· Others fishing our spot
· Lost fishing coordinates
· Couldn’t see landmarks
· Should have fished elsewhere
· North wind
· West wind
· Upper level low (Bonehead)
· Hooks dull
· Not watching downrigger
· Fish hit during nature call
· Short net handle
· Inept netter
· Inept captain
· Shakedown trip (checking equipment out)
· Followed another fisherman’s advice
· Gloated about successful prior trip
· Jinxed
· Bragged about last trip
· Neither fishing major or minor
· Fish “Hitting Short”
· Fish “Slapping lure with their tails”
· Recent thunderstorms
· New equipment
· Tackle in other tackle box.
· Skim ice
· Net not “Dipped”
· Weights Wrong Color
· Too prepared – even brought cooler ice
· Trolling too fast
· Trolling too slow
· Forgot beer
· Didn’t remove hook protector

I wonder how many excuses we have for not “fishing for men” successfully.


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