Five Ways to Lose a Battle in a War that Has Already Been Won

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Can you really lose a battle in a war tha thas already been won? I heard there were skirmishes and battles in our civil war even after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomatox. The Bible teaches that Christ defeated satan on the Cross. And yet we so often find ourselves losing battles with the enemy all the time. Pau wrote of that in Romans 7. Jesus warned us, “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy (Jo. 10:10).” So how do you lose a battle? Here are five thoughts.

(1) One way to lose the battle in your life is to ignore, underestimate, or simply be ignorant of the tactics of the enemy. No military leader dares go into battle without understanding his enemy. We fight a foe who has more power than us, but it absolutely no match for God. God has equipped us with all we need to fight from victory, not for victory. But we must not be ignorant or careless.

(2) Another way to lose the battle is to fail to understand the nature of our conflict. It is a spiritual battle, and it is fought with spiritual weapons.
We cannot fight the enemy in a physical dimension when he operates in a spiritual dimension. Our offensive weapons are God’s word, and prayer. so if we do not
spend time reading and studying God’s Word and being faithful in prayer, we have surrendered before the fight begins.

(3) We can lose the battle by giving the enemy a position of honor in our own camp. What I mean is that when we yield ourselves to sin, we surrender a position
of advantage to the enemy in our own heart and mind. From there he wages his campaign of terror.

(4) We can lose the battle by getting in the cage with the enemy. Someone has described our enemy, satan, as a lion in a cage. He can roar and act intimidating
from inside the cage, but he cannot get to you unless you climb inside the cage. I don’t know if that is an accurate description, but I think when we position
ourselves in places that we will be tempted and tested and we feed the old nature of our flesh, then we are climbing in the cage so to speak.

(5) This is similiar to number two, but we can lose the battle if we attempt to fight it in our own strength. The Bible says, “Be strong in the Lord and in the
strength of His might.” We must keep our eyes on Christ, and abide in Christ, and fight from that position.

Now this is not an exhaustive list, and it is not well developed or in any organized order. It is just some thoughts on a Tuesday morning to remind us we need to put on the whole armor of God, and we need to stand in the Spirit in prayer, and fight from our position of strength in Christ. The thief wants to rob, and kill, and destroy. But the Good news, is Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.” (Jo. 10:10)
to the enemy from which he can wage war on us.


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