Who is the Scary Dude?

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a picture I have pulled from my archives of pictures for the last five years of trips to Mali. This picture is from February, 2008. It marks one year of work in Mali. It was also a vision trip.
The man on the left is Joe Boney, who at the time of this trip was a Director of Missions from a Baptist Association in Idaho. Today he serves in a similar capacity in Alaska.

The man in the middle is a villager that they met. I think he was a hunter. I never quite got the story straight as to whether they ran into him dressed like this, or if he dressed especially for their benefit. In either event, they all posed for a picture. I only have seen what you see, the picture.

So the mystery remains. Who is the scary man? The one on the right. the one who wore starched dress pants and shirt on three separate trips with me to the bush country of Mali. If you guessed George Bush, or Chevy Chase you are wrong. If you guessed Neil Diamond, or George Clooney you are still wrong. He is none other than Mike Hand who serves with the International Mission Board. He is actually now Dr. Mike Hand. And he has become a dear friend, and a great supporter of the work being done internationally.


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