Did we do Enough? I pray we did.

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the movie Schindler’s list, there is a very moving scene at the end where Schindler is saying good-bye to the many he has worked with to save from the holocaust. He beaks down and cries out, “one more.” And absolutely broken he wishes he could have done more.

With the Toureg’s taking advantage of the disorder in Mali, and now moving southward I can understand some of what he felt. A good friend, Jay, called to ask, “Did we do enough?”

Yesterday our missionary contact, who is now waiting out of country, said in email the rebels are moving steadily forward. I guess it has not been brutal enough for CNN or the others to give it much attention. the update today suggests things are getting progressively worse.

So if I had known, would I have done anything differently? I think I did the best I knew to do. I would likely have lingered a little longer with each good-bye. We can only pray now that God sustain these believers and keep them moving forward. I do wish more of them could read. Maybe I would try to implement a literacy strategy. But it is all in God’s capable hands.

Phil. 1: 6 promises, “Being confident of this very thing, that He that began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ.” Now we trust our God to do as He promised.

Perhaps I would have done some things differently, but like most partnering churches, we have given all, and allowed God to do what only He can do. “Please, heavenly Father, complete the equipping of Your people and lead them to multiply.” Thank you to so many churches that have partnered in different villages, and who have partnered with many different people groups. “Abba, Father, give to those who have been reached a heart burden to reach the unreached and unengaged peoples throughout Mali, in Jesus’ name.”

  1. Diana says:

    Did we do enough? It is a question that has haunted me. It is a question that causes my throat to tighten, and my eyes to swell. Did we do enough?

    We were sent to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ – which we thankfully did. We were sent to disciple the new believers, and to teach amongst the not-yet believers. But did we do enough?

    Did we teach them about the trials & tribulations to come? Did we prepare them to follow in the footsteps of so many who have given so much?

    Did we do enough??

    But wait – it was God who sent us! It is God who saves us! And it is Jesus who died for us! I can add nothing more to those truths. He will sustain them, He will be their God.

    I still struggle – did I do enough?

  2. Paula says:

    Brad, praying with you for the Lord to take every seed sown to full maturity. For His glory. Easter is a good reminder that seeming tragedy is often God’s door to glorious days ahead. Hope comes in the morning! He is risen and that is all we really need to know and treasure. The Spirit can handle the rest.
    For His glory!

  3. Guy Lyons says:

    Enough? I am plagued by the same questions in my time overseas even without the impending and looming horrors that you see. I am plagued with this as my children begin to leave home and many other areas of my life… But, by what standards can we even measure “enough”…? Maybe the question isn’t if we did “enough” but did we do what we were told? Did we obey? Did we stay on task with the specifics of God’s Spirit’s leading rather than the volume or specifics of our/man’s strategy? My heart clinches and my eyes drop tears as I read your story and think of our own… If we determine that we in fact did not do enough, were deterred, or outright disobeyed, the lesson can only be applied to what God takes us to next.
    I am comforted by John 17 where Jesus goes through the same final moments of His earthly ministry time as you must be feeling now. He recaps His time by talking to God the Father and acknowledging that He had done what He was called to do and that was a limited task of sharing God’s glory and truth with the 12. Jesus did not seem to do “enough” by the world’s standards. Only 12 got the Incarnate’s attention and charge to go into all the world with THE message of home for all mankind? All of God’s penpoint revelation to humanity was passed on to 12 broken and weak-faith men and it was with the 11 remaining that He shook the world as we know it.
    Did you do “enough”? Probably not… Did you waver in your task? Probably… If God’s grace and power enough to overcome all the shortcomings of our efforts and incomplete obedience? Definitely… Whatever we find lacking in ourselves, may we lay that down in confession to our Pre-knowing and Gracious Father asking Him to reconcile even that and change us further as He moves us into the next steps in our journey.
    Thank you for being real and open in the face of such a horrible potential outcome and presenting this heart wrenching question for us all. It is a question we all need to be willing to face with honesty and humility.


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