Building a Champagne Church on a Beer Budget.

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I have a confession to make here at the beginning, since I have your attention. I don’t drink either champagne or beer, and have no idea what either costs. But I always heard the expression, “that person has champagne taste, and a beer budget.” I think it means that you want the best, or you have expensive taste, but you don’t have the money to support it.

I am learning principles of reaching people without having any money to do it. We are going through a transition (fancy way of saying we downsized) in a difficult economy. We don’t have an advertizing budget. We cannot spend extra money on signs, or mail-outs, or big promotions. What we do have is “word of mouth.” People relate to other people, so the best form of communication is personal.

It doesn’t cost any money to make a phone call or a visit. It doesn’t cost any money to use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to communicate with others. All these things require is the investment of ourselves and a little bit of time. Who will you tell? Who will you witness to? Who will you invite? Working side by side, any congregation can make their church the “worst kept secret in town.”

We doubled our worship attendance for Easter by word of mouth. We challenged our congregation to bring their family, their friends, their neighbors to worship, and they did. We can do that week by week. I wonder what potential any church has when God’s people catch the fresh fire of God and spread the word. That almost sounds Biblical.


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