Potluck Dinner, in the Bush of Africa

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You haven’t eaten real food until you have cooked in a large cauldron for hours and hours. Preparing a meal in the bush country of West Africa is an all day process. You can hear the pounding of the millet before daylight throughout the village. The large pot is placed over a charcoal fire and food simmers for hours. Yummmmmm.

And beef is a rare celebration. Killing the fattened calf is only for special times. But this gives new meaning the term, “Fresh”. And you don’t run to a freezer, thaw it out in the microwave, and cook. Early morning begins with the slaughter of the animal, then the cleaning, and butchering. Then it cooks, again for hours.

Back-breaking work from sun-up to sundown. But it is done with a smile. Life is hard, but it is simple in the bush. A meal is appreciated and it is shared together. There is something about sitting around a common bowl and eating together that binds hearts.

The buffet table looks a little different. It is dished up in the common bowls and then distributed to groups to sit in circles and eat. Yummmmm.

  1. Rapture says:

    That sounds so amazing to me. A simple life is the best if you can manage to have one. Preparation of a meal as a sacred daily ritual is something that I can remember my grandmother doing. Right down to making the daily bread. A shame that we all seem to stay so busy and life is so hectic that we forget to appreciate the simplest things. Even washing the dishes by hand afterward was something that was enjoyable. Hard to believe to most these days. I sometimes think that we have traded some really important soulful daily things to make our lives easier, when in reality, they really aren’t easier at all. We just have enabled ourselvesto have more time to take on more stress and activities that we didn’t need to begin with.

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