Will He have a Choice in Mali?

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As I continue to search the internet for news of Mali and the latest developments, (Thanks for nothing CNN), it concerns me what the future may hold. I read the postings of Malian friends on social media, and I read the latest developments on the releases and it looks like Mali is in for a rough ride.

The boy pictured here is typical of so many beautiful people in this country. But will extremist groups have their way? Will every choice for Jesus in the future be met with beheadings like we read about this week in Timbuktu? Will those in charge ultimately be able to legislate religious choice?

It is hard to imagine in a place like South Caroina where essentially someone can practice any faith or religion that they choose. Maybe there will come a day of greater persecution in America, but right now the question is on my heart, will this young man have a choice in the bush country of Mali?

What can we do? I know our greatest resource continues to be prayer. I pray for the restoration of the demoncracy in Mali. I pray that each man, woman, boy and girl can choose to follow Christ if they desire. I pray that Satan and his evil kingdom, no matter what form it takes, be defeated. I pray that the light of truth shine brightly in a country where darkness has often prevailed. I pray that the few believers scattered all across the country will lstand strong in their faith. Will you pray?


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