Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Recently, I wrote a post for my blog entitled, “Zip it.” In that post I essentially said, “If you cannot say something that either exalts God in praise, edifies other people to build them up, or evangelizes people who don’t know the Gospel, then you need to keep your mouth closed.”
Today, I want to address the matter of evangelizing people that don’t yet know the Gospel.

That could reference countless unengaged people groups of the world. I am told there are over 3600 different ethnic groups around our world who have no access to the Gospel. How can we not address that matter? How can we be selfish to hoarde all our resources for here? Pray that God will send out workers for the harvest.

But it can also be a reference to people here. I live in what has often been called the “Bible belt.” Somedays it almost seems there is a church on every corner. And yet statistics gathered, right here in my home state of S.C. suggest that 67% are “unevangelized.” They are not just unbelievers. They don’t really understand what the Bible says about how to be saved from sin.

Many people have rejected organized “church” as they understand it. But they haven’t rejected the Jesus of the Bible, because they either have never heard about Him, or maybe they haven’t seen Him incarnated in the lives of those who say they are His followers. So today, I am praying that we “Unzip it.”


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