Are you a Christian? More like a Baptist.

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

The other morning I was eating breakfast with a good friend and he said, “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure,” I said. So he told me of a business trip, and sitting around a table with some business men, and one of the men prayed thanking God for his food. So my friend asked the man, “So, I guess you are a Christian?” And the man answered him, “I would say, more of a Baptist.” My friend asked me, “What does that mean?”

I have thought about that a little, and I am afraid that too many people might fall into that kind of category. It doesn’t have to be Baptist. It could easily be Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian. But I am afraid for some, thankfully not all, and hopefully not most, but for some, church is more about a religion to them than a relationship to God. I live in a state in the Bible belt where I have sometimes heard people says, “There are more Baptists here, than people.”

Recently I read an editorial about our upcoming Presidential election. The editorial noted statistics of Americans polled about their view of the two primary presidential candidates, Obama and Romney. Both of these men claim to be christians. In both cases, however, the majority of evangelical christians in the U.S. he said, to do not believe them. They don’t believe Romney because he is Mormon. And they don’t believe Obama, even though he gives credible testimony of conversion, because they believe many of his policies are inconsistent with a Christian perspective.

So what do we do then with Matthew 5:16. Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they can see your good works and will glorify your Father who is in heaven.” There is much truth in that verse, but one point I think worthy of note is this: Our behavior should so reflect the character of Christ that there is no question in anyone’s mind as to whether we are a Christian or not.

  1. Doc says:


  2. Frank Lengel says:

    I love what 1 Cor 11:31 says about judging. It fits. “But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged.”

    We are judged by others because we often seem arrogant to others. I can remember growing up “something other than a Baptist.” I tell the truth when I say it was a long time before I realized “damnBaptist” was not one word. That’s how we are seen by a lot of the world. And it’s not because of our Lord, but us!

    Anyway, I am a Baptist these days! And I praise God for that. But I am also thankful that there will not be any Baptists in heaven. There will only be those who have followed our Lord Jesus!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. JWO says:

    Religious hertiage is important as long as it centers on what God has done thru the hands, mouths and resources of others in revealing God to mankind. Where would be Gospel be without Paul, the “Saints” (Augustine, Patrick, etc) then Annie Armstrong, Wm Carey, and others who were supported first by their demoniations and later by many believers. Orthodoxy in and of itself has no meaning unless it is by God, for God, in God. Who determines that? Actions, good or bad, speak volumes but do not always show the true motive. That comes by God’s blessings or other hinderances (of man). So, what one claims as beliefs remains and if JC is the saviour, the one and only, and he is the mirror image of God then all else is folly unless we practice what we believe regardless of where were are, who we claim to be, or what we claim to be.
    For many, we will be the only Jesus many will ever encounter. Reflect him amd he will take care of the rest. Heaven is filled with sinners saved by grace be they Jew, Prostestant, Catholic, Hindu or Muslin. Heaven has no return address, it is the final destination unless…
    Have a Great Jesus Day!
    Friend of God

  4. yvette copeland says:

    Matthew 11:28
    I think about a song the would sing on the senior choir when I was a child and the words were give me that old time religion it is good enough for me. That personal relationship with christ is so much better.

  5. Rachel Flemming says:

    True identity is being identified with Jesus and the true Word of God. “Jesus Your the center of my joy.” “Order my steps in Your Word dear Lord, teach me guide me everyday.” John 17:13-14.

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