“Oh, you’re that church.”

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The other day a couple of friends and I were talking about church names and the fact that we had recently changed ours, along with the paradigm by which we do church. Finally, one of them said, ‘We are just going to call you “That Church.” It is interesting when people are talking and someone says, “Oh, you are that church.”

Can you imagine someone describing the church “Sardis”. Jesus said they had a reputation for being alive. But he said, “You actually are dead.” Imagine running into a pastor at a meeting and saying, “Yeah a friend moved into your community a month ago. He visited one church that he had heard about but was disappointed. I can’t remember the name of it, but he said it was “really dead”. You go on to describe the church, and then that pastor says, “Oh we are that church.”

Some people want things to stay the same. Same music, same style worship, same crowd, never mind they are shrinking due to death and people moving away. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t change the way grandad did things. Don’t do something to make them turn over in the cemetary.

I thought about my friends comment, “We are just going to call you that church.” I think I like that. WHen someone says, “Do you know a church where they have allowed God out of the mental boxes so many cram Him into.” I want people to say, ‘Oh, you are that church,” about us in that context. Oh, you are that church that dared reach out to every ethnic group and has a blended congregation. Oh you are that church that dared to push the envelope and try Biblically sound, but contextually relevant strategies. Oh, you are that church where people can come explore issues of faith in a safe environent. Oh, you are that church where you really can come as you are, but you are challenged to not stay that way.

Oh, you are that church where they have the food pantry. Oh, you are that church where people that are hurting can find love and acceptance. Oh, you are that church that dared to reach out and help people who were far from God find their way to Him through Jesus. Oh, you are the church that decided you didn’t want to do church, you wanted to be the church.

  1. Bishop Bill says:

    Wow, I like ‘that Church”. May more of our churches become “that Church”!!!

  2. delores14 says:

    I’m a Proud Member of “That Church” and although some times I may not like everything I’m so willing to go out on that branch,, and try to tell Others about Jesus, who died for My Sins.

  3. delores14 says:

    I’m Proud to be a Member of “That Church”, I”m willing to go out and tell others about Jesus and how He died on a Cross for all Our Sins. I want to share how God LoesUs so that He always forgives Our Sins and always Loves Us no matter what. I invite all to come and see what “That Church” is all about!

  4. delores14 says:

    it should say I want to share how God Loves Us.

  5. Frank Lengel says:

    Being part of that church could be a good thing! LOL

  6. Jay says:

    We have a group of crazy fitness freaks in the DC area that call themselves THAT TEAM….why can’t we be THAT CHURCH?? i love it.

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