That Stops Today! This begins…

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I could describe the stages of my life in terms of weight I carried. When I finished college, I weighed 175 pounds, and carried that on my six foot even body. That is where I remained until I married two years later, and almost immediately I was sporting a 200 pound mass on the same frame.

Somehow I managed to hover there until I turned 40 and almost overnight I needed longer arms to read something, new pains started showing up here and there, and you know it, 225 pounds. I crept on up over the next ten years to about 232. I went to a size 48 long suit, and still thought I was doing pretty well. Then I came to the big town of Hopkins, and a new phase of my life and crept slowly up to 252. I blamed it on the incredibly good country cooking and especially the cakes. WOW, the awesome cakes the ladies out here can cook.

January 1, 2012 I decided I will be a part of the great Hopkins biggest loser. (My own program.) I weighed in a the doctor’s office in preparation for a trip to Mali, and I was a trim 256 pounds. OOPS! Four more pounds. Ouch. But the clincher was last week. I went to the doctor, on the scales again, and holy moly, I was 262 pounds. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it. Got home weighed myself, 262 pounds.

Well, that stops today. This morning for breakfast, SHAKEOLOGY, BABY. All the vitamins I need. Mixed a pack of the chocolate in 3/4 s cup of 1 percent milk, a teaspoon of low fat peanut butter, ice, and blended to a shake, almost like eating ice cream for breakfast.

My children looked at me when I told them I was signing up for “Beach Body” and they said, “You.” And they started laughing. Why not me? I have a body, and I like the beach. So the weight gain stops, AND no more saying, “Starting tomorrow.” It stops today. I am eating the first shake as I type this. And guess what. I am surprised at how good it tastes.
I will keep you posted.

The Bible says that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I guess I cannot hide behind the “chicken coop” theory any longer. You know, fried chicken is the gospel bird for us “preachers”. I need to get God’s temple shaped up.

  1. Bishop Bill says:

    Glad I was able to have lunch with you yesterday and see you eat your last cheese burger!!!!! Welcome to the world of diet forever group. lol

    • I didn’t say last cheeseburger forever. LOL. I said lose the weight. I may earn a little cheeseburger treat every now and then. Besides, I thought we promoted you to a papal rank.

      • Bishop Bill says:

        Set a goal. When you meet it, we will go eat the cheese burger!!! Bishop just sounds better then Pope. Either one I can still tell you what to do!! lol Well maybe not…..

  2. Jay Floyd says:

    Brad…cheeseburger? Oh no you didn’t!!!

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