The Power of the Printed Word

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It appears to me that some people believe if something is printed in a book, or even a newspaper, it must be true. We assume that all of our ancient history books are accurate, even though they were often written hundreds of years later, and the details were initially passed along by word of mouth.

I read articles where someone quotes someone else, and it almost automatically becomes the truth. A recent guest editorial in the state newspaper of Columbia, SC spoke of “the Jesus of Christianity.”

What is interesting most to me is that the writer is guilty of what he accuses others of doing. He accuses those whose opinions are different from his of distorting the Jesus of Christianity. If he had used some words like “some Christians” or “some forms of Christianity” he might have made his point. He dogmatically accuses others of dogmatically distorting his version of “orthodox”, which seems to be the cut and paste Thomas Jefferson version of the Bible.

Never have I been accused of not having an opinion. I confess that I can come across quite dogmatically. But I pray that what I am most dogmatic about is simply quoting the Bible. My opinions are absolutely NOT infallible. My points of view are not inerrant. I pray that God uses me and at times is able to speak through me, but I do not claim a Biblical inspiration.

The word inspiration means, “God breathed.” We use the word inacurrately so many times. The Bible claims to be “God-breathed” in 2 Timothy 3:16. “All scripture is divinely inspired” it is often translated.

For me the Bible is unlike any other book. So many religious books are simply people’s words about some “god”. The Bible claims for itself to be the Word of God.


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