Maybe it is just the thought of Green . . .

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized


So here is the thing. I drank a chocolate healthy shake for breakfast yesterday. Wow was it good. And what made it even better was knowing that it was healthy and good for me, and the first day of less of me. Today I am drinking “Greenberry”.
AND it is . . .well, let me just say, not as good.

Don’t get me wrong. It is pretty tasty. I added fresh strawberries, and lemon juice, and blended it with crushed ice. It is not as smooth as the chocolate, and it is not quite as good in my mind. But it might just be the color Green. After all we speak of People who are “green with envy” and that is not such a good thing. And then there are all the things that are green that come to mind that I don’t care for very much. Frogs, and spinach; english peas (Super dooper yuck). Turnip greens, and pea green soup. Did I mention frogs? And there is Shrek, well, actually I like him pretty well.

Money is green. I like money. (Don’t love it, but like being able to pay the bills). Green beans are . . . well, they are green, and I like green beans. Some lima beans are green, and I like lima beans. I can do this. I can finish this green shake. “I like green, I like green, I like green.

Weeds are green. I don’t like weeds. But then grass is green. I love a thick well manicured lawn of green. Masters golf champs wear green jackets. And although I will never play in the Masters, and never win a green jacket there, I did own a green sport coat once. But if I am going to dress up, I prefer a suit to a sport coat. I can do this. I can finish this shake.

Cheeseburgers are bad. Pizza is bad. Apple pie with ice cream is bad. Mexican food is bad. Japanese food is bad. Italian food is bad. Who am I kidding? I love food. I love good food. I love to eat. I am certain that heaven will have a banquet table that is full of all kinds of good food, with no calories, no cholesterol, and everything else that is a result of the curse of sin removed.

I couldn’t get the ice to blend into the green shake as well today. SO it is more like a slushy than a milk shake. Maybe that is it. I need smoother ice. I need cranberry juice (with no sugar). ANd I cannot wait to try the chocolate again with some coffee added. Yum, and maybe some almond milk.

I will loose weight. I will get in better shape. I will, I will, I will. Why? Because it glorifies God. God created my body to be His temple. Jesus grew in wisdom, and in STATURE, and in favor with God and man. I am going to improve my stature. What about you? Are you honoring God with your body? Are you keeping it clean from tobacco and immorality? Are you abusing it with food? Isn’t it interesting that we speak against drunkeness, but not gluttony?

Heaven isn’t going to be a bunch of spirits floating around. We will have a Resurrection body. Why not live in the meantime with the best body we can have. I am adding walking to the mix. Waiting on my first Beach Body work-out routine to come. Going to do this thing. Join me.

  1. Jay Floyd says:

    Greenberry is not my favorite either but Melanie LOVES it. It’s her favorite. I’m a chocolate guy too. I had someone tell me at church one time, “it doesn’t matter what I do to my body here and if I’m fat. I’m going to get another one when I get to heaven.” My response…”it is going to be sad if you get a body corresponding to how you treated the old one he gave you.” Their response…silence. VERY proud of you Brad….Very proud….in a non-sinful kind of way, of course.

  2. Andi says:

    I am not fond of green foods either. I feel a little green just thinking about eating those little round green peas. Yuck! I do like frogs … especially the ones that sing when it’s going to rain. 🙂

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