Take Me Back

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This morning I listened to Andrae Crouch singing, “Take me Back.” The song speaks of God taking us back to the place we first received Jesus. For me that was at a summer youth camp as a middle school boy. I remember on the last night responding to an invitation from a missionary to turn away from my sins and receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Certainly that changed my life forever.

Somewhere in the late 80’s I took my eyes off the Lord, and in 1991 my life crashed and burned. I took off as a prodigal and running away from God and His call on my life. I got on a spiritual roller coaster for about 13 years. In February of 2004, God would not let me go. He finally got my attention again and I surrrendered fully to Him. What a wonderful journey it has become.

So this morning I asked God to take me back, like the song says. I think sometimes we forget what God has done for us, and honestly, we just seem to get over Jesus and we get over our salvation. Often we need to ask God to take us back. Take us back to the cross, O Lord. Take us back to the place where we first met You. Remind us of where You have brought us from.
Remind us of what You have saved us from.

“Without Him, I could do nothing, without Him I’d surely fail, without Him I would be drifting, like a ship, without a sail. Jesus, O Jesus. Do you know Him today? Please don’t turn Him away. O, Jesus, without Him, how lost I would be.”

  1. Rachel Flemming says:

    I once was lost but now I am found and the Journey we share is like no other…., because I came to the garden alone with the dew still on the roses… Jesus is the sweetest one I know!

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