There WILL be brownies in heaven

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We had a “game night” with some friends last night Desert was some incredible looking brownies. But I am on a quest to lose weight. I need to lose a lot, actually. So I started this past week. I have replaced breakfast each day with a nutritious shake. I have cut out the fattening foods as much as possible. Back to game night. Brownies! Are you kidding me? And they looked awesome. Moist and extremely chocolate, walnuts. So I consoled my self with a pinch for taste, and some more celery.

The Bible speaks of sitting down at a great feast in heaven. Surely there will be brownies, and key lime pie. I am expecting cocunut cake, and lots of ice cream. In my mind there must be all kinds of wonderful food with no calories, and zero cholesterol. I cannot quote you a chapter or verse in the Bible, but I am hopeful.

What I do know is there there is no sorrow, no sickness, and no pain. There are no homeless people, and there are no hungry people. Most of all there is no sin. There is plenty of room, and there is beauty beyond cmopare. We are not going to be angels in search of wings, and we won’t be playing harps floating around on clouds. We will live in the Presence of God, and we will enjoy this wonderful world made new without the curse of sin.

Jesus promised in John 14 that He was going to prepare us a place. (A promise to those who are his followers). He has had quite some time to work on that. Look at the beauty of this earth that He fashioned in seven days. So imagine what Christ has done with the last couple thousand years. I hope you have made your reservations.

  1. Judy Snow says:

    Your last two paragraphs are comforting reminders for me tonight as I am overwhelmed thinking of my precious parents….I miss them so much, but know they are in the presence of God and each other. It just helps to be reminded and to know that I’m not the only person on earth thinking about this….

  2. Rachel Flemming says:

    Reservation guarenteed by the Holy Spirit!

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