Brothers from Another Mother

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Carson and Shocka are brothers. They really are. Shocka is a Malian bushman, and Carson lives in the bush of Hopkins, SC. Carson is the one on the left in the picture, by the way.(A West African visiting our big metropolis a couple of years ago said Hopkins is the “bush”). Shocka came to faith in Christ a couple of years ago. Carson earlier than that. So indeed they are brothers in Christ. They do have different mothers. Carson’s Mom has blonde hair, Shocka’s not so much.

On the last trip into Mali in late January, Shocka’s Mom came to us with quite a bit of stomach problems. We sent her to a women and children’s hospital in a nearby village, one operated by another Christian organization. They diagnosed her as having serious cancer throughout her intestines with very little time to live. She professed faith in Christ before she returned. I have not had word, but wonder if she has gone on to be with Jesus yet.

Carson and Shocka have the same bloodline, according to the Bible. They both are descendents of Adam by way of Noah. I don’t know what color Adam’s skin was, but I suspect that Shocka’s skin is a little darker, and Carson’s skin a little lighter than what was Adam’s, but he could have been purple for all I know. In my heart I know there is only one race of people, the human race. Thanks to God’s great creativity, there are multitudes of ethnicities of people within that human race. We need to celebrate that together.

By the way, I wish you could know both Shocka and Carson. They are both incredible young men.

  1. Bishop Bill says:

    What a wonderful post!! I felt the Spirit of God while reading it and seeing the pictures.

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