Pinnochio Christians

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you remember the story of Pinnochio? He was a small puppet whose greatest desire was to be a real boy. He had the problem of his nose, which grew everytime he told a lie. I cannot help this morning thinking that some people are misled into accepting soemthing less than real faith in Christ.

Last night the Real Life group that my wife and I are a part of at Church Unleashed met for the first time. As we began, we took some time for everyone to share their hopes and expectations of what they desire from this group. Many mentioned the desire to develop closer connections to people in the church. Some mentioned a place where there would be some depth to love like the first church seemed to have in Acts. But with all of the hopes, there was a continual use of the word “Real”. I want to be a part of something real.

For all of his desires to be a real boy, Pinnochio for much of the story is just a wooden boy. Are we settling for less than real Christianity. Paul wrote to the Galatian church and said, “and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith . . .” We often quote the passage in Ephesians 2 to describe our salvation as “by grace through faith.” But do we realize the life which we now live in the flesh is by faith. So we need to understand, “We were saved from the penalty of sin, by grace through faith.” “We are being saved from the power of sin, by grace through faith.” And “we will be saved from the very presence of sin by grace through faith.”

What that means, I believe, is that living a life that is real means exercising faith in God’s continuing supply of grace. Do I believe that God can and will supply the grace that I need for the living of each moment? Do I believe that real happiness and joy are found in God’s supply of grace, or do I doubt that enough to give in to a sin of unbelief that will lead me to seek the fulfillment of my life’s desires in some source outside of God? Some thoughts for today.

  1. Rachel Flemming says:

    Reality,truth, integrity, and discernment these four words are swimming around in my mind as I ponder on your post. Reality, what is real and who is real takes discernment, the type of discernment only God can give. Truth according to Paul is crucial because their is so much trickery,cunning craftiness of decietful plotting amongst men, and so many false doctrines(paraphrased). According to my study bible, truth is important among Christians because a dishonest Christian cannot withstand the father of lies; integrity, is having a life of honesty and truthfulness.
    The thought of having someone’s nose grow each time they lied would be pretty funny, there would be a lot of people or Christians being poked in the eye and getting close to each other would be really dificult. When You really think about it perhaps that is what is keeping people from getting close to others their invisible pinnochio nose. Maybe Christians can not be real because they are not real with themselves in their feelings and emotions.

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