Christian 54, Where are You?

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

From 1961 to 1963 there was a comedy sitcom named, “Car 54, where are you?” It was a pretty funny show with all the misadventures of a couple of real mutt and jeff kind of guys who were always goofing up. The show started with the radio dispatcher yelling, “Car 54 where are you?” SO I am borrowing that title for today’s post. It could be Christian 23, or Christian 5,000,469, or any other number for that matter. It is for each of us.

Have you ever asked someone, “How are you doing?” and gotten the answer,”OK, I guess, under the circumstances.” So I have a question for every Christian? Are your circumstances stronger and greater than your ‘god’? Nothing is too difficult for the God in the Bible, the one true God. So why in the world would you ever live under your circumstances when God has conquered your circumstances and desires you to live in His joy?

It probably sounded like a good idea in his head before he spoke the words. As Jesus walked toward the boat, Simon Peter said, ‘Lord, if that is you, invite me to come to you.’ And Jesus said, “Come.” To his credit, Simon got out of the boat and started walking toward Jesus. But the Bible says, “He saw the wind and the waves.” He looked at his circumstances, and “OOPS’ he is sinking beneath his circumstances, and in this case the water. Jesus challenges him to greater faith, and I can almost imagine him saying, “Peter, what are you doing under the water (under your circumstances)? I told you to walk on top with me.”

I do not know what your circumstances may be today, but if you are a genuine believer, a follower of Christ the king, I want to challenge you to walk on top of your circumstances, not under them. The only way to do that, of course, is to walk to Jesus, keeping your eyes focused on Him. Jesus may not calm the storm in your life, but He will certainly calm your life through the storm, if you will trust Him.


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