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Mosaic is the art of creating beauty with small broken pieces of colored glass or ceramic.So why not a Mosaic church. I am talking about a church that is built from the broken lives of people, and it cannot be beauty without multi colors. Is a loving relationship among the many ethnic groups only possible in heaven? I don’t believe that.

So a multitude of questions flood my mind. How do we break down the barriers of racism and prejudice? Is it not another stronghold of the enemy?Are the weapons of our warfare not really powerful enough to pull down that stronghold? When Jesus prayed for unity of beleivers in John 17, did he envision homogenous churches?

So how do we get past individual sense of entitlement? After all, isn’t that a divider among all people, even when they are the same people group? “It’s my church. I want to do it the way grandaddy did it. I want things to stay the same. I have a right to . . .” But Jesus called us to deny self, take up our cross and follow him. If I die to self, it seems I give up all of my
sense of entitlement, and I trade it in for an attitude of servanthood.

When Jesus stood outside of the tomb of Lazarus He prayed and thanked the Father for always answering His prayers. If the Father always answers the prayers of the Son, then I believe that reconciliation of all peoples is possible.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. Jay Floyd says:

    I dare say, this is your best blog yet…..Pretty stinkin’ incredible. Or, as Muhammad, our translater, said in the bush… Stinkin’ Pretty Good!!!

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